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Zoning Information

Purchasing Property & Obtaining A Building Permit

Zoning and Sewage regulations are of upmost importance, they should be the first thing to consider BEFORE purchasing property in Buck Township.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you purchase a zoning regulations handbook from the township for $35.00.  After which, the book should be distributed to a lawyer and surveyor so they can ascertain whether or not the property is a viable location to build and provide proper guidance.  It may prove to save a lot of time and money.

Once the property has been acquired, start the building process by completing a Building Permit Application.  Afterwards, contact the Zoning Officer, Ray Sipple III, and submit the completed application, with payment, at the next Buck Township meeting.

Meetings held every 3rd Tuesday of the month

A permit for a new residential building will set you back $50.00, while a permit for a porch, addition, etc only cost $35.00.  A commercial building permit cost $500.00.

A permit may be required for other situations also so, when in doubt, contact the zoning officer.

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Please contact the Zoning Officer, Ray Sipple iii.

Email:  zoning@Bucktownship.org

Phone: 570-855-6512

Other forms will be made available here in the future, therefore check back often because it may save you time and travel.  If you would like to see a form or application made available here, use the contact us form listed on the bottom of this page and make a suggestion.


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