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Questions and Answers

If you have an emergency in Buck Township, call 911.
For Questions Pertaining to Fire, Ambulance and/or Police, CALL, 911


Question: What police department patrols Buck Township?
Answer: Pennsylvania State Police

Question: What phone number do I call for the Police?
Answer: 911

Question: What Magistrate handles Buck Township?
Answer: Mike Dotzel – Located in Wilkes-Barre Township

Question: What school district does Buck Township belong?
Answer:  Wilkes-Barre Area – Check for School Closings Click HERE

Question: Who is the Tax Collector in Buck Township?
Answer: Deb Picard –  TaxCollector@BuckTownship.org

Question: What churches are in Buck Township?
Answer:  Beaumont Free Methodist

Question: When are meetings held for Buck Township?
Answer: Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

Question: Where are the meetings held for Buck Township?
Answer: Meetings are held at the Buck Township / Shades Creek Vollunteer Fire Dept Building located at, 114 Buck Blvd, White Haven, PA

Question: Who do I contact in Buck Township about Sewage issues?
Answer:  William C. Brior, Sewage Enforcement Officer, SEO@BuckTownship.org

Question: Who in Buck township do I contact for Zoning issues?
Answer:  Zoning Officer, Ray Sipple III, zoning@BuckTownship.org

Question: What should I do before I buy property in Buck Township?
Answer: Contact the Zoning Officer, Purchase a Zoning Book from the township, consult with your lawyer and surveyor.

Question: I own property in Buck Township, what do I have to do to build, enclose a porch, put up a fence, or add a garage?
Answer:  Contact the Zoning Officer and complete a Building Permit Application if required.

Question: Who do I contact about rules and regulations regarding subdividing property in Buck Township?
Answer:  Contact the Zoning Officer, Ray Sipple III, Zoning@BuckTownship.org

Question: How can I submit a question to be placed on this FAQ’s page?
Answer:  Contact Bob Carey via Email; Bob@PCDoctorsinc.com

Question: What do I do if I have a question that is not answered here?
Answer:  Please contact Secretary@BuckTownship.org

Question:  What do I do if this is not the web site for the Buck Township that I live in?
Answer:  Google it!


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